Seminar Overview

Minnesota MILE's mission is to identify outstanding high school sophomores for being responsible citizens in their communities and schools and provide them with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the promotion of personal responsibility, volunteerism, and social awareness. The student in attendance from each school is selected by their guidance counselor, dean, or principal as one who already exhibits positive leadership qualities in their school and community or who shows leadership potential that may simply need some added encouragement.
The high-energy weekend consists of team-building activities, motivational speakers, a volunteer / college fair, a service leadership-based curriculum, small group discussions and more.. There is also an opportunity for delegates’ parents to get involved at the end of the seminar!

What kind of program is planned for the leadership seminar?
At the core of the leadership seminar is the Leadership 101 Curriculum, which was devised exclusively for MILE to teach concepts in leadership, including self-exploration, goal setting and group dynamics.

Leaders from business, government, science, education, and the professions will provide stimulating ideas that complement our service leadership curriculum and mission. In addition, MILE delegates will participate in hands-on activities and discussions that encourage leadership development through emphasis on personal responsibility, volunteerism, increased awareness of social issues, and open-minded analysis of all sides to an issue when making decisions..The emphasis will be on motivating the delegates to make positive contributions to their schools and communities and to be aware, active, and responsible citizens.

Why is the program limited to high school sophomores?
High school sophomores are influential members of their schools, communities, and social networks. Having completed two years of high school and with two years remaining, sophomores are at a prime age to discover new or deeper understandings of one’s values and leadership potential, and to apply learnings to their personal goals, schools and communities.

Seminar FAQs

The Minnesota MILE seminar will be held June 23-24, 2017 and takes place at Bethel University in Roseville, Minnesota.

There is NO COST associated with attendance of the Minnesota MILE seminar to the school, parents, or student.

It is the parent and student’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from the Minnesota MILE seminar. Minnesota MILE can, however, assist to find a nearby student to carpool with to and from the seminar if requested in advance. Contact ASAP if you are in need of a carpool to the seminar.

You can contact Minnesota MILE by emailing us at or by calling us at (800) 891-6643.

Minnesota MILE is a non-profit organization. All funds for the program are fundraised, donated by service organizations, private donors and corporations. Students, parents and schools are not charged a fee for the student to attend. All donations or gifts-in-kind are welcomed. See our fundraising page for more information about how to make a donation.

Around April, nominated students will receive a registration letter in the mail. This letter contains important information for online registration that must be completed in order to attend the seminar, such as Parent contact and Emergency Contact information, Consent and Acknowledgement forms, Medical History information, etc.

This information will be used for the sole purpose of the Minnesota MILE seminar and will not be sold to outside entities.

After being nominated by the school counselor/staff member, the student/parents should "save the date" of the MILE seminar and not plan any other events on those dates. Around April, the student/parents will receive a letter in the mail from Minnesota MILE with instructions to register, and more information is provided in that letter. Please also visit our website at

Each school will receive their nomination packet by email in January 2017. The ideal way to register is to use your school ID and passcode (provided in the packet) and nominate at You may also mail or fax your nomination. If your school has not received a nomination packet you can download one here. Please note only high school guidance counselors, deans, teachers, principals and other staff are eligible to nominate a student. 

Student housing is provided throughout the weekend on campus at Bethel University. Males and females will have separate dorms and there will be no people of opposite sex allowed in dorms or dorm hallways at any time.
Parents/guardians traveling a long distance may wish to lodge nearby at local hotels/motels.