Giving back together


MILE does not end when the seminar concludes. Delegates are encouraged to join the Minnesota MILE Alumni Association. This group serves as the heart of our organization. The Alumni Association is a “family” of alumni from every seminar we’ve had. Our ambition is to encourage MILE delegates to stay active in their communities and with their friends at MILE. The Alumni Association also organizes fundraisers and has fun while providing community service throughout the state. Our Alumni Association has biannual reunions to get reacquainted with our fellow MILErs. We always have a blast! There's always a laugh to be had and a friend to be made. Keep an eye out for upcoming events.

our impact in their words

Leadership: The action of leading a group of people or an organization; the power or ability to lead other people (Merriam Webster).

At Minnesota MILE, leadership is not just a definition in the dictionary. We are constantly working to not just understand what leadership is, but to live it every day.

"MILE showed me the importance of being a leader and what skills built confidence in me as a person."  – Taylor Bremer

“MILE was an amazing opportunity for me to interact with other unique individuals that all believe leadership, service, and relationships are key components to building a strong character.”Neda Khi 2013, Alumni

“I was so afraid to go to MILE and I thought it was going to be lame, but MILE has shown me a WHOLE new meaning to leadership. It’s not one dimensional. This world would be very flat without leaders like the people I met at MILE.”Abby Mokhtary, 2012 Alumni

“MILE is like going to your favorite side of the family’s reunion. You love every minute of it and start to miss it before it’s even over.”Savannah Gatewood, 2012 Alumni

“To me MILE means getting to spend a whole weekend with people who you find out are just like you! Where you get to learn some crazy interesting things that you’ll actually get to use in your life- but it’s so much fun and so packed full with energy, that you won’t realize until later how much it has really impacted your life. And then you’ll end up going back year after year.”Anika Johnson, 2012 Alumni

"Being a part of Minnesota MILE has changed me on the inside and out. It was an opportunity to grow in my leadership, and to build friendships." – Josh Trosen, 2011 Alumni

“MILE taught me that the best leaders are not the ones who come up with solutions on their own; the best leaders are the ones who utilize the talents of others in order to produce the best outcome.” - Breana Burggraff, 2012 Alumni

“The MN MILE is the reason I am who I am today; I couldn't imagine my life without it.”Holly Loberg, 2011 Alumni